About Dana Todd

Dana Todd at NASDAQ

Dana Todd at NASDAQ

I’m one of those annoying “digital media” people who thinks they know everything. You can usually find me: speaking at conferences, influencing next-generation development of technology, poking holes in hype, advising companies on digital strategy, experimenting in emerging media, Tweeting randomly, building companies, raising venture, educating the masses, being the CMO of startup Newsforce, eating beef jerky, volunteering as a Board member and Education Committee co-chair for SEMPO, screaming at Powerpoint and/or my Sprint Aircard, helping CMOs understand digital better via TheCMOClub, reading the news about News, stalking people in the semantic technology world and other random tech topics that tickle my fancy.

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Twitter: @danatodd

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My companies: Newsforce (newsforce.com) and SiteLab (sitelab.com)

Advisory to: ad-tech, Clickable, Anonymous Media, Sycara

Board of Directors: SDSIC, SEMPO, Jenna Druck Foundation